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How Tooro Kingdom was run by a young king

Saturday April 17 2010

King Oyo flanked by the Queen mother Best

King Oyo flanked by the Queen mother Best Kemigisa comes out to attend his birth day celebrations at Karuzika, the royal palace in Fort Portal on Friday. King Oyo marked his 18th birth day with prayers led by the Seventh day Adventist church. Photo by Felix Basiime 

By Felix Basiime

Fort Portal
King Oyo Nyimba of Tooro has ruled his Kingdom since 1995 under the guidance of regents and guardians afterthe untimely death of his father, King Olimi Kaboyo in 1995.

After the burial of King Olimi on September 12, 1995, a week later rituals of handover of the reins of power to Oyo began.

Since he was very young, at three years, King Oyo could not make any decisions for his vast Kingdom so he had to appoint regents.

And over time, King Oyo has had three sets of regents charged with grooming and overseeing his growth into the role of a king.

The first set included Mr John Katuramu, Rev Can James Rabwoni (RIP) and Mgr Thomas Kisembo. The second set that was appointed in 2002 had Prof. Oswald Ndolereire, Mr Zerio Byabagambi and Mr Isaiah Kalya.

The final that took charge in 2007 has Rev Richard Baguma, Mr George Nyakairu and Mr Justin Bakahumura.
But Mr Nyakairu and Mr Bakahamura resigned last year, leaving Rev. Baguma as the only regent. The regents who must be three at all times do the work of the king but the administration is done by the Prime Minister helped by the cabinet with county chiefs, gombolora chiefs, and parish and sub parish chiefs.

All these are supported by the supreme council [Orukurato orwesanju] and Saza council.

Best Kemigisa, Princess Elizabeth Bagaaya (his auntie and Godmother), Buganda King Kabaka Ronald Mutebi and the Queen Naginda, Libyan leader, Muamar Gaddafi and President Museveni have been the guardians.

“We have a baby King who is represented by regents who were elected by the Supreme council, the Orukurato. The regents are voluntary, have no much power apart from nurturing the King,” says the Prime Minister, Mr William Nyakatura.

According to Mr Fredrick Nyakabwa Atwooki, the minister of information at Fort Portal palace, Karuzika, the king will have to appoint regents after today because he might go abroad for studies.

The Queen mother, Best Kemigisa, has also played a big role in nurturing the King since he was three.
“I enjoyed nurturing the young King all through; it has been a good experience, he has been a good boy.
However being a young King who can’t work there are challenges but we have been getting some help from friends and relatives and the Regents, being young there were a lot of challenges,” Queen Kemigisa says.

No difficulties
“I have had no difficulties, no difficulties as a regent because everything is set according to culture, to be done or not to be done,” Rev. Baguma says.
“I am going to hand over peacefully today and let him take over the ceremonies because he is now a mature person.”