Man beheaded at Electoral Commission boss’ farm

Sunday July 4 2010

By Tabu Butagira


Detectives had by last night taken into custody two men suspected of beheading a colleague worker at a farm in Wakiso District that authorities said belongs to Electoral Commission chairman Badru Kiggundu.

The trio, witnesses told police, stayed in the same house in Kibiri A zone, a rural lakeside residential area overlooking the posh Munyonyo and Buziga suburbs. Police Spokesperson Judith Nabakooba said the arrests followed the finding, in a pit latrine, on Friday of a human head believed to be that of Pascal Kashushu killed a week earlier.

Mr Israel Ssentongo, the area Local Council I secretary for defence, told this newspaper that a reek at the supposed crime scene prompted him to search around until they used torch flashes to spot a human head in the dark pit. Police firemen called in then opened a hole in the backside of the latrine to retrieve the putrid head that bore several deep cuts, one slightly above the eye.

First incident
“This is the first time something like this has happened in my area,” Mr Ssentongo said. Other residents are timid to speak to strangers, worst of all journalists; fearing police could pick them in coming days to say what they know of the homicide in a bushy, rugged farmland which levels into Lake Victoria.

One said on condition of anonymity that Rapid Response Unit personnel, who took the first suspect to Kibiri A village to reconstruct how the killing happened, dispersed curious residents by firing bullets as they forced the reluctant man to open up.

Sunday Monitor could not reach Eng. Kiggundu who’s reported to be out of the country and Ms Nabakooba said they are also trying to access him or any of the family members.
It emerged yesterday that investigators found the deceased’s mobile phone handset with one of the suspects. Earlier, the trousers late Kashushu wore on the day he died were picked in front of their isolated residence.