‘Buganda not linked to pressure group’

Sunday July 11 2010

By Robert Mwanje

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Eng. John Baptist Walusimbi, has rejected linkage to any political party and pressure group ahead of the 2011 general elections saying the kingdom does not cherish divisive politics.

Addressing a group of National Resistance Movement (NRM) mobilisers at Mengo, Eng. Walusimbi said the kingdom welcomes everyone who treasures and is ready to front Buganda’s demands and interests irrespective of their mother political parties.

“Buganda welcomes whoever agitates for the kingdom’s political, social and cultural interests regardless of their political affiliations,” Mr Walusimbi said on Friday.
He said Buganda does not discriminate along tribal or political lines and treasures mature politics. He said they wants more eloquent allies to drive the kingdom’s concerns to another level.

Burning issues
Mengo officials believe the kingdom has various unresolved challenges and it’s therefore important to have ambassadors in Parliament and at local council levels, he said.
“The kingdom will support whoever is ready to consider its demands and advocate for them. We want more people who will articulate the kingdom’s concerns but we don’t belong to any political party,” he stressed.

He blamed local politicians who were working towards destruction of the kingdom’s image adding that ex-Mengo officials who resolved to join active politics are no longer representatives of the kingdom.

“Kabaka does not participate in active politics; his role is to unite us. Politicians should not disorganise us,” the Katikkiro said adding, “Former mengo officials who joined active politics, resigned their kingdom duties first.”

Last week, Mengo officials urged political Suubi 2011, a pro-Buganda task force to stop associating their partisan agenda with the Kabaka’s name. The pressure group was formed by opinion leaders and politicians in Buganda last month to agitate for the region’s political interests and aspiration ahead of the 2011 elections.

The Ssuubi 2011 group comprises leaders from Buganda of different political parties, combined to see a political change in next year’s general elections, according to the group coordinator, Mr Medard Lubega Sseggona. The former Buganda Katikkiro, Mr Joseph Mulwanyamuli Ssemwogerere, is the group patron.