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FDC member attacks party’s electoral process

Saturday August 28 2010

By Gerald Bareebe


Despite leading a campaign against the Electoral Commission, Forum for Democratic Change’s internal electoral system has been compromised, the party’s external relations coordinator has said.

In a petition to party president, Dr Kizza Besigye, a copy of which Saturday Monitor has seen, Ms Ann Mugisha accuses the party EC headed by Dan Mugarura of breaching the principles of impartiality and transparency. She said it cannot preside over a free and fair party primaries.

Case in point
Ms Mugisha advised Dr Besigye to move swiftly and address the internal electoral matters. Otherwise, she said, FDC will lose its credibility as a party modelled on the principles of good governance, social justice, transparency and integrity.

Ms Mugisha, in particular, pointed out the case of Nakawa FDC chairman Michael Kabaziguruka, whom she said, continued to hold his office as the party deputy electoral commission boss months after he declared his intentions to run against her for the Nakawa MP’s seat.

Ms Mugisha argued that the failure to remove Mr Kabaziguruka from the office of the electoral committee soon after he made known his intention to contest for the position constituted an incurable error on the part of the commission.
Ms Mugisha also protested the 75 parish stations that have been added in Nakawa, saying they are ghost stations created by Mr Kabaziguruka to rig elections.

Grievances discussed
“Note that if a contestant came up with an extra 75 parish chairpersons unknown to other contestants they would have 75 extra assured votes in a primary election,” Ms Mugisha said. Saturday Monitor understands that during Wednesday’s FDC National Executive Council meeting, members discussed Ms Mugisha’s grievances and agreed to forward the matter to the party’s EC.

But Mr Kabaziguruka yesterday denied the charge and said everything was going on as per the party roadmap. “I have already resigned and I am going ahead with my campaign for the Nakawa MP seat,” Mr Kabaziguruka said. The members of FDC electoral committee include; Dan Mugarura (chairman) Dembe Catherine, Kabaziguruka and Soroti Municipality MP Charles Ekemu.