‘Be patient with me,’ Museveni tells Ugandans

Thursday December 6 2018

Museveni, Ugandans, pateince, sheema north

President Museveni. FILE PHOTO 

By Zadock Amanyisa

President Museveni has asked Ugandans and residents of Sheema District, in particular, to be patient with him and stop worrying over "small things" because he is still in charge.

The president was speaking on Wednesday at Mutanoga playground, Kigarama Sub-county in Sheema north, Sheema District where he was the chief guest during the victory party of newly-elected Sheema north Member of Parliament (MP), Naome Kibaaju who was elected in October.

"Don't worry about anything. We shall tarmac the roads. You should also repent the sin of little faith. You are like disciples who became impatient with Jesus when they were crossing the lake. We have constructed Ishaka-Kagamba and many other roads. We shall not fail to work on this one. Be patient with me," said Mr Museveni.

The president’s remarks came after requests from area ministers and MPs who reminded him of the need to pave the Bwizibwera- Kabwohe- Kitagata road which connects districts of Mbarara, Buhweju, Sheema, and Rukungiri.

He told them that he has constructed several roads and he will not fail to construct theirs.

He added: "Talk about education. In 1956, there were only six schools with primary seven in the whole of Ankole sub region but now, all sub counties in Sheema have secondary schools. Let's be patient, all things will come."

Thanking the people of Sheema North for supporting National Resistance Movement (NRM) in the recent elections in Sheema municipality and Sheema North, Mr Museveni said that electing NRM candidates is the right choice instead of voting for people who fight government.
"Voting NRM is better than voting for FDC which capitalizes on fighting against government yet NRM is the one in power,” he said.