ISO operatives arrest three in foiled robbery

Sunday October 20 2019

Crime scene. Police at the scene of the foiled

Crime scene. Police at the scene of the foiled robbery. PHOTO BY KELVIN ATUHAIRE 


Kampala. Security operatives attached to the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) have arrested three people in a foiled robbery at a Tip Top bread depot on 6th Street, Industrial Area, in Kampala, yesterday morning.
The suspects, including a driver employed at the depot, were reportedly armed with knives, pepper spray and ropes.
Following a tip-off from their informer who disguised as part of the gang, security officers reportedly cornered the suspects as they waylaid a vehicle said to be transporting cash from the depot.

The plot
“We received a call from our informer that they [suspects] were already at the scene ready to work, and we quickly moved in since we knew about the mission and were prepared,” one of the ISO personnel who participated in the operation, said.
According to the informant, the robbery was master-minded by a driver employed at the depot, who usually drives the vehicle transporting cash.
“I was approached by my friend, who told me there was a driver of Tip Top Bakery who wanted a crew to help in robbing an Indian. We later met him and surveilled the place. The plan was for the driver to move out the car and drive towards KCCA offices, slow down and we rush in, scare away the “Indian” and then take away the money,” the source quoted the informant as saying.
Mr Hamid Muhammed, a cashier at the depot, said he was not aware of the plot to rob them. He said at the time of the incident, he was planning to transport Shs50m to the bank as usual with his driver and another colleague.
“It was at around 7am, and we were just waiting for the depot manager to bring the car and then we go to the bank. My driver was also around waiting, since he is the one who we normally go with all the time we are taking the money. So when we were preparing to go out, we saw security operatives bring in men saying they wanted to rob us and asking us where the driver was, saying he was part of the robbery plan,” he said.
Mr Muhammed said a few months ago, his driver told him about plans to go to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and wanted money.
According to one of the eyewitness who works in a hotel next to the depot, the suspects arrived at the scene at around 7am, and two of them entered the hotel and ordered for tea. Moments later, a vehicle full of armed security personnel cordoned off the area and arrested the suspects.