34% of students in universities engage in risky sexual behaviours- study

Tuesday December 18 2018

About 34 percent of students in universities

About 34 percent of students in universities and other institutions of higher learning engage in risky sexual behaviours, according to the study  


A new report indicates that about 34 percent of the students in higher learning institutions and those in tertiary institutions across Uganda engage in highly risky sexual behaviours.

The report by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) titled ‘Access to sexuality education and sexual reproductive health services for young people in high and tertiary institutions of learning in Uganda’ indicates that the students can afford to have multiple sexual partners in a period of 12 months.
The report further indicates that, 39 percent of the surveyed students reported having sex with other partners while still in their current relationship this risk behaviour is higher in the female students.

While releasing the report in Kampala on to Dr Azah Taibu, a researcher with UNESCO said 69 percent of students surveyed are sexually active and 55 percent do not use condoms at their first sexual encounter.
‘’The policy makers must come up with various strategies to ensure that students gets access to sexuality and reproductive health services. It is every important,’’ Dr Azah said.
She said 5 percent do have sex with their personal doctors and 12 percent are paid to have sex.

Dr Azah further noted that although 99 percent of the students knew that HIV exists, they said the virus is like any other disease which can be treated.
The findings also indicate that 28 percent of the students suffer from sexually transmitted diseases and this is significant in female students.
“Exposing children to pornographic materials while they are still young is very bad and it can lead them to engage in sex at a tender age,” Dr Azah revealed.
The survey was carried out in six universities and two tertiary institutions in Uganda.