4 pupils injured as classroom collapses during immunization exercise

Thursday October 17 2019

Ms Aisha Lukomwa area councillor at the scene.

Ms Aisha Lukomwa area councillor at the scene. Photo by Derrick Kissa 

By Derick Kissa

Four pupils at Nsonga C/U Primary School in Nsonga Village, Nakisunga Sub County in Mukono district have been injured after the room which they were in collapsed on them due to the heavy rainfall.

The pupils, Harriet Nambasse, a P.7 candidate, Nusra Nandase, Alvin Namwedwa and Barack Waliggo were seriously injured by the bricks from the building that collapsed as waited to be immunized.

The pupils were rushed to Nkokonjeru hospital for further treatment.

Mr. Anthony Mudegedda, a teacher who had been in building shortly before it collapsed says the building collapsed due to the strong winds that came along with the heavy downpour.

“I was shocked to see the building collapsing. Fortunately I had taken some of the children but four of them got serious injuries and they were rushed to the hospital,” Mr Anthony said.

According to Ms. Deborah Namutebi, the deputy head teacher, the building which is part of the primary seven block, has been incomplete for over 30 years which made it weak hence, collapsing.


“We request our leaders in Mukono to help us replace this building because it is old and incomplete and other buildings which are equally in the same state may also collapse because it is still raining,” Ms Namutebi said.

She also added on that “it was a P.7 block and yet they are about to sit for their examinations, we really need an immediate response.”