50,000 locals face eviction over mineral exploration

Tuesday December 4 2012


At least 50,000 people in Amuria District face eviction from their land to pave way for mineral exploration, authorities have said.

The district chairperson, Mr Francis Oluma, said the district got a notification from the government of a Chinese firm that is to carry out the exploration. He, however, said they were yet to receive directions on how the affected would be compensated.

“We have received a notification of the licence that has been given to a Chinese firm but nothing is mentioned on how homes within in the area will be helped,” Mr Oluma said.

He said the affected area lies in Orungo Sub-county at the border with Alebtong District.

An exploration licence was recently granted by the government to M/S Zhonghua Exploration and Mineral Development Company, an Entebbe-based Chinese firm that has since began carrying out ground work in the area.

The district administrative officer, Mr Alfred Malinga, said the three-year exploration work took effect on September 4.


“The licence is subject to the provisions of the Mining Act and the applicable Mining Regulations,” read a September 4, 2012 letter by the acting commissioner for the department of geological survey and mines.