600 graduate at Elgon technical college

Monday November 24 2014

By Mudangha Kolyangha


A total of 601 students have graduated at the Uganda Technical College-Elgon in various disciplines. At least 92 of the graduates (15.3 per cent) were females while 592 (84.7 per cent) were males.

Presenting the candidates for the award of certificates and diplomas during the 6th graduation ceremony at the college last Friday, the principal, Mr Andrew Musaazi, said the institution is facing various challenges such as under staffing, inadequate funding from the government and huge wage bill.

Mr Musaazi said the current level of funding towards student’s welfare and upkeep is too low compared to the cost of services to be offered. “The Shs1,800 per student per day only meets a very small fraction of the requirements, forcing the college to spend beyond what it receives” he said.

The Minister for Education and Sports, Ms Jessica Alupo, called upon parents to take their daughters for technical education to ensure that they become job creators and not job seekers. She said this would address unemployment and reduce poverty.

“Children should change their mindset of degree syndrome of only looking at white collar jobs and yet jobs are in technical skill. People say that there are no jobs in Uganda. This is not true because they were misguided by taking irrelevant courses and this is why government came up with the Skilling Uganda Programme,” she said.