Drug authority warns of fake contraceptive pills

Friday April 1 2011

By Evelyn Lirri

The National Drug Authority (NDA) has warned the public against purchasing a counterfeit type of Postinor-2, a contraceptive pill.
NDA said in a statement yesterday that the pill is currently being sold illegally in drug shops and other drug related outlets.

Postinor-2 is an emergency contraceptive pill commonly known as the morning after pill. It’s usually taken after unprotected sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy.

The drug watchdog has now urged the public to be vigilant and carefully observe the security features of the drug in order to properly identify it before making any purchases. Describing the genuine features of the Postinor-2 packet, NDA said: “The back side of the genuine Postinor-2 packet has a white rectangular band. When the band is scratched with a metallic object the word “original” and the logo of the manufacturer are displayed.”

According to NDA, the two features are not displayed when a person scratches the same white band of the counterfeit Postinor-2 packet.
“NDA therefore urges the public to report any one found selling counterfeit Postinor-2 or any other malpractice to any of our offices nearest to you for quick action,” the statement read.

NDA is by law mandated to ensure quality, safety and efficacy of human and veterinary medicines and other healthcare products, through the regulation and control of their production, importation, distribution and use.