Donors are tired of aiding Uganda, says Archbishop Kizito Lwanga

Friday October 7 2016

Archbishop Kizito Lwang

Archbishop Kizito Lwanga. File photo  

By Stephen Otage

Kampala- Kampala Archbishop Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, has told Ugandans to abandon the culture of self-pity which has condemned them to begging money and other donations from developed countries but stand on their own because citizens in those countries are fed up of collecting aid to assist Ugandans.

While presiding over a public fundraising drive for Christ the King Church in Kampala on Thursday, Dr Lwanga said Ugandans should wake up and take charge of their development because they have the means and resources to determine their destiny adding that they do not need to be rich to achieve their goals.

“For you to raise Shs6 billion out of Shs8 billion required for the church project is no mean feat,” he said; explaining that members of the church and their friends were able to raise 78 percent of the total Shs8 billion required to expand Christ the King Church within record time because both the rich and poor Christians donated whatever the could afford.

“I attended a meeting of bishops from East Africa in Lilongwe Malawi five years ago and there was a call on churches to be self-reliant. In 2000, before I became archbishop, there was a Synod of Bishops in Rome and donors were saying they are tired of collecting aid because even babies do not breastfeed forever,” he said.

He was speaking, to Christians subscribing to the Catholic faith at Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala Banquet Hall for the first public fundraising drive to raise Shs2 billion towards the expansion of Christ the King Church.

 Msgr Gerald Kalumba, the Christ the King parish priest told Christians that so far 78 percent of the money needed has been collected.

 “You will wonder where all this money came from but these are collections from you the Christians, we deduct operational costs, pay salaries, buy food pay electricity bill and we keep the balance and plan for it,” he said.

On Thursday, the fundraising drive raised Shs88 million in cash and Shs.146 million in pledges.