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Police stuck with bodies of three women

Monday June 5 2017



KAMPALA-  Police are stuck with three bodies of women who were killed in Kibulooka and Masitoowa zones, Nansana Municipality, Wakiso District last week. Police say four women were killed in a crime wave that has hit Nansana but one body was handed over to relatives for burial.

The women, according to police were  strangled by unknown killers on Monday and Wednesday.

Police have since identified only one body of Juliet Nampijja, a resident of Namungoona, in Rubaga Division, Kampala.

Mr Michael Tayebwa, the officer in charge (OC) of Nansana Police Station, said the investigating officer (IO) has resorted to move from house to house with photographs of dead persons to establish their relatives.

Police officers who are investigating the crime say some residents told them that the deceased were commercial sex workers who could go to the area on particular days.

Police are keeping the bodies at the City morgue as the search for their identities and relatives continues.

Mr Emilian Kayima, Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, told Sunday Monitor that the bodies had bruises, indicating that they might have been sexually molested before being killed.

All the bodies had no underwear and the mode of killing according to police, was similar  raising a suspicion that  an organised gang could be targeting women with unknown motives.

Investigators declined to reveal the identity Nampijja’s husband who  has since been interrogated over his ex-wife’s death.

Nampijja’s body was handed over to her relatives and she was reportedly buried on Friday. Nampijja survived by two children fathered by two men.

Mr Kayima said police arrested five suspects including Nampijja’s close friend.

The suspects are detained at Wakiso Division police headquarters.