MP Anywar praises Museveni for uplifting women

Ms Anywar is a former member of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change

Kitgum Municipality Member of Parliament, Ms Beatrice Anywar. FILE PHOTO  



Kitgum Municipality MP Beatrice Anywar Anywar has hailed President Museveni’s efforts towards uplifting Ugandan women.

When the Mr Museveni gave Ms Anywar a chance to "greet people" in Mityana during the International Women’s Day Celebrations, she concludes with "Mzee abeewo" (loosely translated as "Long live old man."

In his response, Mr Museveni said "Kati muwulide muwala waffe ayogera bulungi enaku zino" (“Loosely translated as “Our daughter speaks nicely these days”).

Ms Anywar is a former vocal member of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change who led varoius campaigns against Mr Museveni's government. She led a crusade against the give away of Mabira Forest to sugar cane growers.

Earlier, Mr Museveni said women are the base of society but for some unknown reasons, “our old folks marginalised and oppressed women but from the beginning, NRM rejected this concept. In 1986, we let them join the army.”

“But the NRM didn't agree with this. We started recruiting them in the army in 1979, our associates didn't agree with our decision, we somehow ignored them. We again recruited them and kept them because we were totally in charge,” added Mr Museveni.

The president also noted that apart from the army, his government has also empowered women in politics.

“We created seats at district levels specifically for women. They can now competing against men and even win,” he said.




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