80 per cent fail LDC exams

Monday December 17 2018

Mr Frank Nigel Othembi

Mr Frank Nigel Othembi  


Kampala. About 80 per cent of lawyers have failed the 2017/2018 Law Development Centre (LDC) exams.
The 2017/2018 results were approved and released on Wednesday last week by the management committee headed by Supreme Court judge, Ms Stella Arach-Amoko. The same results have since been pinned at the institution’s noticeboard.
Breaking down the results, Mr Frank Nigel Othembi, the LDC director, revealed to Daily Monitor at the weekend that out of the more than 800 lawyers who sat for the exams, between 18 per cent and 20 per cent passed, making them eligible of representing clients in courts of law. About 75 per cent have supplementary papers to sit and 4 per cent totally failed, meaning they have to repeat the entire course.
Mr Othambi was optimistic that history shows that majority of the lawyers, who usually have to write supplementary papers, pass and graduate.

When asked whether this has been the worst performance ever in the history of the institution, Mr Othembi said it’s neither the worst performance nor the best ever.
“The performance could have been a lot better but most of them are going to sit supplementary papers,” he said at the weekend
He added: “Our history has been that after our students do supplementary papers, they usually pass. I would have been more worried if they had totally failed the course.”
Going forward, the director said he will this week be meeting the head of the Bar Course and discuss the date when the 75 per cent of lawyers who have supplementary papers can re-do them.