91-year-old woman drags relatives to court for announcing her dead to grab land

Tuesday July 16 2019

Ms Nakawungu being supported by a relative at

Ms Nakawungu being supported by a relative at Mukono court on July 15, 2019. PHOTO BY JESSICA SABANO 


A 91-year-old woman has dragged her relatives to Mukono Magistrate’s Court for announcing her as dead with intention of grabbing her six-acre piece of land.

Janet Nakawungu, a resident of Joggo-Misindye Village in Mukono Municipality alleges that Margret Nakanyike and Bashir Bwete, who are her niece and nephew stole her land title and later proceeded to the administrator general to get registered as the rightful administrators of her estate.  

“They announced that I was dead and made transfers without my knowledge,” Nakawungu said on Tuesday.

Distressed Nakawungu said she lived with Nakanyike in the same house and trusted her since she was a daughter to her late brother.

“How can the people I raised turn against me, they have grown under my care for all these years?” she wondered.

Nakawungu revealed that she realized her land title was missing after falling sick. She had wanted to sell off a portion of the land to get money for treatment.


Prosecution led by Jonathan Muwaganya told court that on November 21, 2018 Nakanyike and others attacked the elderly woman, beat her and later ran away with her land title.

Mr Muwaganya added that Nakanyike and Bwete were reported to  Misindye-Goma Police Post and later arrested.

Nakanyike is charged with two counts including; giving false information and attempting to evict Nakawungu from her piece of land.