Acacia Road construction: Chinese firm sued over damaged property

Thursday July 9 2020



A Chinese firm that is doing road works along Acacia avenue has been sued for allegedly causing damage to a citizen’s store by way of flooding.

The China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited was contracted by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) for the reconstruction and widening of the Acacia road.

In her law suit filed before the High Court Civil Division, Ms Joan Nantongo Bwire, the proprietor of Elisha’s Boutique located along Acacia road, claims that due to the construction firm’s negligence in its works, her store was heavily affected by floods.

Court documents indicate that on or about May 21, 2020, the Chinese firm left a manhole formwork close to Ms Bwire’s store which blocked the outlet culvert thus leading to an overflow of storm water which flowed into and consequently flooded her store.

“On the May 24, the plaintiff (Ms Bwire) wrote to the defendant (China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited) to explain the events that had transpired during the ongoing construction along Acacia road, which resulted in the damage/destruction of property at the plaintiff’s premises,” court documents further read in part.

In her letter, Ms Bwire provided an inventory and computation of damaged property amounting to about Shs54million to which the Chinese firm on May 25 in their response acknowledged the damage.


Ms Bwire further states that the Chinese firm also expressed regret for the damage of the property and made assurances that the matter was being handled by their insurance provider.

“The defendant engaged risk assessors and together with their lawyers assessed the damage occasioned to the plaintiff.”

“Following this communication, the plaintiff and a team from the defendant entered into negotiations for compensation arising out of the damage of the property on the premises,” court documents further state.

According to the May 25, letter signed by the Chinese firm’s project manager Mr Jiang Bo addressed to Ms Bwire requested for cooperation so that they conclude the matter within the shortest possible time.

However Ms Bwire states that all these negotiations were not fruitful as the Chinese firm’s team was not cooperative leading to the law suit.

Through her lawyers of Kampala Associated Advocates (KAA), Ms Bwire states that her business is small and has no capital per now since she has not been working.