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Adeke is new national female youth MP

Monday March 7 2016

Ms Adeke with supporters after winning.

Ms Adeke with supporters after winning. Photo by Francis Mugwerwa 

By Francis Mugerwa

Hoima- Former Makerere University Guild President Ms Anna Adeke Ebaju on Monday won the National Female Youth MP elections that were held at Kontik Hotel in Hoima town.

According to results that were announced by the mid-western regional returning officer Mr Iddi Kaahwa, Ms Adeke who stood as an independent candidate polled 128 votes.

Her close challenger Ms Ann Ruyondo Lumumba, who stood on the NRM ticket garnered 119 votes while another independent candidate, Ms Marcelina Busomoke polled 87 votes.

Adeke, 24, is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in laws of Makerere University. Ms Adeke said she has leadership experience, having served as a prefect in secondary school and served as guild president at Makerere University between 2013 and 2014.

“The demographic nature of the country sets youth high because we are the majority. We should be a priority politically, socially and economically,” she said.

She promised to advocate for increased funding for youth councils. She promised to advocate for an autonomous youth ministry instead of the current set up where the youth ministry is under the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.

“I thank all the young people who believed in my ideas. Those who voted me are my friends, ” Ms Adeke said shortly after being declared winner.

She said her victory means that young people are focused towards changing their lives and they are interested in better leadership.

“It means the youth are preparing a new generation that is accountable to the electorate. The overriding concern is that most youth MPs were not accountable,” she said.

She thanked her opponents for running a good race.

“Competition is healthy in a democratic society and I wish them the best in their political careers,” she said.

Although five candidates picked nomination forms in the morning, only three candidates returned the forms and were nominated. Ms Ronah Kemirembe who had picked forms as an independent candidate narrowly missed being nominated when she allegedly turned up at the venue late after the closure of nominations.

Daily Monitor saw her crying , pleading with Electoral Commission officials to clear her nomination.

According to Mr Kaahwa, she turned up late when nominations and campaigns had been closed.

“We cannot reverse nominations,” he said.

Ms Kemirembe has accused EC officials of denying her an opportunity to contest.

The nominated candidates were Ms Ann Ruyondo Lumumba, the NRM sponsored candidate, Anna Adeke Ebaju, an independent candidate and Ms Marcelina Busomoke, an independent.

Brenda Kiconco, another independent candidate did not return her nomination papers that she had picked in the morning.