Aga Khan University to train teachers

Monday August 4 2014


KAMPALA- The Aga Khan University, Institute for Education Development East Africa, has signed a MoU with the ministry of Education to provide educational leadership and management training for more than 800 secondary school head teachers implementing free education across the country.

The certificate programme which was signed last week, will give school heads skills to work with their teachers to motivate and engage students to make a difference in education standards.

The programme, which is funded by the World Bank, will consist of two residential periods and several weekend workshops interspersed by a practicum component at the USE schools, examination and evaluation process.
So far, some residential periods and workshops have been conducted at Nyondo Core PTC, Bushenyi TTC, Gulu Core PTC and Nakaseke Core PTC.
Prof Pauline Rea-Dickins, the director of the Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development, said: “It is essential that head teachers know what quality and high standards mean for schools and how to champion this quality in their own schools.”
The programme comes at a time when government is in the process of re-introducing the teachers’ scheme of service to enable classroom teachers who have furthered their education and acquired higher qualification get promotions.

This means, if the scheme is re-introduced, teachers with higher academic credentials will be paid higher salary scales than their colleagues with lower qualifications.

Currently, Uganda has 160,000 teachers on the government payroll teaching in primary and secondary schools.

Out of these, 135,000 are primary teachers while 25,000 teach in secondary schools.