Aga Khan to construct varsity for East Africa

Wednesday February 13 2013

By Stephen Otage


The Aga Khan Development Network has announced plans to embark on constructing a university with branches across East Africa.

Mr Firoz Rasul, the president of the Aga Khan University of East Africa, said the institution will train local human resource and open centres of excellence in each member state so that they stop sending their students to abroad.

Speaking at a cocktail on Monday, Mr Rasul said the university will have its main campus at Arusha, Tanzania while other member states will have regional centres of excellence. “We shall have the Nairobi School for Media Studies training editors and journalists because there is a general feeling that we need to start training better journalists.

We already have a nursing school in Uganda and we are looking for more land for expansion,” he said. He added: “The Arusha campus will specialise in law, management, tourism and the school of government and public policy. We are opening a teaching hospital in Nairobi.”

Mr Rasul also said the EAC member states have international obligations, but unfortunately without local lawyers to negotiate on their behalf.


Mr Joseph Mwizerwa, the principal, of Aga Khan University, said the institution will be built and administered within East Africa unlike the mother university in Pakistan. “The new understanding is to ensure that programmes are headquartered in East Africa, run by East Africans for the region,” Mr Mwizerwa said.