Age limit: Museveni signs himself out of office, says Bwanika

Mr Museveni signed the controversial bill into law despite warnings from religious leaders and members of the civil society

Former Presidential Candidate and city pastor Abed Bwanika 



  • President Museveni castigated religious leaders saying some some of them have left what they are supposed to do and are doing what they are not supposed to do.
  • The bill has now become an Act of Parliament.


KAMPALA. Former Presidential Candidate and city pastor Abed Bwanika says President Museveni has signed himself out of office by appending his signature on the controversial Constitution Amendment Bill No. 2 of 2017 popularly known as the age limit bill recently passed by Parliament.
Ms Linda Nabusayi, the President's press secretary said Mr Museveni signed the bill into an Act of Parliament on December 27 before sending communication on December 29, 2017.

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“As President Museveni signs the age limit into law, he signs himself out of presidency expressly. The wind of the south is blowing,” Mr Bwanika said in statement on his social media platforms.
Parliament on December 10, 2017 voted by majority of 317 MPs against 97 to change the Constitution and remove the 75-year age limit on the presidency and to extend the term of MPs from five to seven years.
Mr Museveni signed the controversial bill into law despiste warnings from religious leaders and civil society.

In his New Year message to Ugandans on December 31, 2017, Mr Museveni praised the 317 legislators who supported the amendments saying they played a great role when the country was at crossroads.
Mr Museveni compared the 317 MPs to the role played by the 27 fighters who started the war that brought him to power 31 years ago. He also compared them to the 232 MPs of the 7th parliament who opened up the presidential term limits in September 2005.

The president rubbished those arguing that age limit removal would create room for his life presidency saying they are uninformed evil schemers who do not want Uganda and Africa to succeed.
Mr Museveni argued that some portion of the political class, the clergy, academia and the media concentrate on 'peripheral' issues such as age limit and term limits instead of other developmental issues.
"The real democracy we fought for provides that all power belongs to the people. They are the ones to decide their destiny through universal suffrage at regular intervals or through their representatives," Mr Museveni said.

He added: "Some of the elements, however, mainly working with foreigners try to impose pseudo democracy where the power of the people is constrained by term limits, age limits, even educational qualifications, periphery issues. Power belongs to the people and they are the ones who should decide how they should be governed."

The president also attacked religious leaders especially those who were against the age limit bill for being arrogant. Quoting Mathew Chapter 26:57-75 in the bible, President Museveni referred to the religious leaders as Caiaphas, the Highest Priest, who turned Jesus over to Pontius Pilate's soldiers.
Mr Museveni said some religious leaders have left what they are supposed to do and are doing what they are not supposed to do.

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