Algerian officials to train Uganda police on cross-boarder crime

Tuesday August 9 2016

IGP Kayihura with some of the officials at the

IGP Kayihura with some of the officials at the police headquarters in Naguru. Photo by Joseph Kato 



A delegation of senior police officers from the Islamic Republic of Algeria is in Uganda to finalize plans of training Uganda police on managing trans-national crimes.
While unveiling the visiting team to senior police commanders the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura said Uganda police will benefit from Algeria’s expertise on handling terrorism, organised crimes, cybercrimes and cross boarder crimes.
Gen Kayihura said that during his visit to Algeria late last month, he agreed with his counterpart on working together to steer up the intelligence and investigations capacity of the Uganda Police Force (UPF).
“Algeria has a well-developed police institution which can handle all security threats. I know their visit is not a waste, we shall benefit from their expertise,” Gen Kayihura said.

He said the partnership will increase UPF’s technical knowledge on protecting very important persons (VIPs), detecting and fighting cyber-crimes and tactical response to abrupt security threats.

Citing an example of 200,000 police officers that Algeria has to manage the population that is almost equivalent to Uganda's, the police chief castigated people who demonize the UPF.

“We are doing miracles. We should be praised instead of being demonised. We are about 46,000 police officers. Algeria our role model has more than 200, 000 police officers,” he said.

Mr Kayihura also applauded former Algerian president Ahmed Ben Bella for his contribution towards the liberation of the African continent.


“Former president and other great Pan Africans like (Kwame) Nkrumah (former Ghanaian president) did a great work for the sovereignty of Africa as a continent. This is why we always cherish them,” said Gen Kayihura.
Mr Nour Guermat, head of the Algerian delegation, said his country was ready to support Uganda police using its necessary resources and expertise.

“We are going to help Uganda police in fighting on-ground and air crime using helicopters and other security measures. We also hope to learn some skills from the Uganda police,” Mr Guermat said.