All Saints Cathedral to hold mass wedding

Monday November 5 2018

Tying the knot. Couples during a mass wedding

Tying the knot. Couples during a mass wedding at Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral in July last year. All Saints is set to hold a mass wedding on November 23. MONITOR PHOTO 


Kampala. Thirteen couples have registered for the corporate wedding organised by the All Saints’ Cathedral in Kampala this month.
The Church’s communications officer, Mr Ivan Naijuka, said the November 23 event is aimed at preventing Christians from cohabiting.
According to Mr Naijuka, the church always organises mass holy matrimony because weddings tend to be expensive, especially to the youth, as they have to pay for church dues, wedding receptions, food and drinks, which at times leave them indebted.

“As All Saints Cathedral we’re paying for everything for our couples which includes food and drinks, a cake for each couple, 40 people for each couple, decorations, marriage certificates and registering them with government, among others,” Mr Naijuka said at the weekend.

He added: “I am calling upon other couples who are interested to come and register because registration is still open.”
Mr Naijuka, however, noted that some people fear to register for mass weddings because they do not want to be viewed as having failed to raise money for the individual wedding.
“The act of registering for such a wedding is a sign of running away from sins and entering God’s kingdom by joining holy marriage. I encourage both young and old people to join what the church has organised for them because this is part of corporate social responsibility which is done once a year,” he said.

The main celebrant of the mass wedding, Can Michael Muhwana, the All Saints’ Cathedral Provost, said this is not the first time the Anglican Church is organising such weddings.
“We’re doing this because we need all our people in Anglican Church to have a defined marriage and this has worked here at All Saints’ Cathedral, in Mityana Dioceses, Ankole Dioceses, Namirembe, among other Anglican churches and we are doing this for the good of our people,” he said.

He said the Church has put aside about Shs25 million for the mass wedding and called upon Good Samaritans, corporate companies, and well-wishers to support the couples because the Cathedral is giving a token and most things such as cakes, drinks among others have been contributed by well-wishers and companies.