Amuru Youth Want to Meet Bigombe over Madhvani sugar project

Tuesday May 28 2013


Youth in Amuru district are demanding to meet State Minister for Water and also woman member of parliament for Amuru district over the Madhvani Sugar Project.

They argue that since the controversial land give away of 40,000 hectares to Madhvani group of companies, youth have never been involved in any of the meetings.

Chairperson Lamogi Youth Council Mr Francis Abola, in an interview with Daily Monitor, said since the Amuru Sugar Works Project came to light, no single leader has come forward to address the youth on how they will benefit.

“We are the majority in the district and if our views on Madhvani are not taken into account, how shall we give a green light to such development, “he asked.

Secrecy negotiation with other sections of people will not do much since, youth are the direct beneficiaries, he adds.

Mr Tito Okello, the LC V District Youth Councilor noted that, they are in full gear for a meeting between them and the Minister Betty Oyella Bigombe, to discuss a range of issues from youth employment and development in the area that will see youth being employed.


Early this month, Ms Bigombe survived being lynched by rowdy youth of Lakang parish in Amuru district who put a blockaded on the road, her escort had to fire live ammunitions in the air to disperse the youth who were armed with bows and arrow.

Ms Bigombe had gone to Lakanga Parish to consult people about the progress of the court case over the disputed land that Madhvani Group of companies wants for sugar cane growing.

The meeting resolved that the government acknowledges that the land belongs to the residents and that whoever wants to invest should first consult the people.

Government is seeking to give at least 40, 000 hectares of Land from Amuru district for Madhvani Groups of Company for sugar projects with hope to create jobs and development Amuru.

But since 2009, the Amuru Sugar Works project has dragged on with leaders demanding that the government enter into negotiation with the land owners.