Apac senior nursing officer collapses, dies while on duty

Thursday March 26 2020

Sr Betty Rose Apio, a senior nursing officer

Sr Betty Rose Apio, a senior nursing officer who collapsed and died while on duty at Apac hospital on March 25, 2020. PHOTO BY SANTO OJOK 


A senior nursing officer at Apac hospital in northern Uganda was performing her regular duties when she reportedly suffered a medical emergency and died at the station on Wednesday.
Sr Betty Rose Apio, who served at the government hospital for more than 15 years, collapsed at the facility and died at around 1pm.
Sr Apio succumbed to bronchitis, according to the medical report released on Thursday.

Mr Wilfred Odong, a nursing officer at the facility said the deceased had been receiving medication for the ailment which she suffered for a long period of time.
He said her condition worsened the fateful day after she visited the doctor and was given treatment.
“She is the head of our department and was supervising us as usual but she was complaining of chest problems while carrying on with the work,” he said.
But a source at Apac hospital, said the deceased reacted negatively to the treatment.
“She was prescribed ampicillin injectable but it was out of stock before she opted for the alternative which reacted negatively in her body,” the source said.

Ms Grace Atim, one of the deceased’s close friends, told Daily Monitor that Sr Apio paid her debt a few days ago and “she told me it’s a sin to die with people’s debts”.
“She was one of my customers. She took fish from me on credit but a few days ago, she came to me and paid the money saying she didn’t want to die with anybody’s debts. I was so surprised when I heard about her sudden death,” she said.
Dr Fanuel Sabiti, Apac hospital medical superintendent said they were so saddened by their colleague’s untimely demise.

Dr Sabiti described the deceased as a senior and committed personnel who loved her duty and died while serving others despite being sick.
“She has worked at Apac hospital for more than 15 years,” he said on Thursday.
“She has been a combatant, a warrior, and hard-working medical personnel.”
Dr Sabiti also rubbished reports circulating in public that the senior nursing officer could have died of COVID-19.

“We have not yet registered any case of coronavirus, so reports going around that she died of coronavirus are not true,” Dr Sabiti added.
By press time, the deceased’s body was at the Apac hospital mortuary pending her burial.