Army wants rustlers shot dead

Monday November 11 2013

Army wants rustlers shot dead

Armed Karimojong cattle keepers graze their animals in Moroto District. They risk being killed should they cross to Kenya for raids. Photo by Stephen Ariong. 

By Steven Ariong

Moroto - The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces Third division commander has directed the Kenyan intelligent team “to shoot to kill” any Karimojong rustlers who crosses into Kenya to raid cattle.

Brig James Lakara Nakibus, who also hails from Karamoja region, argued that shooting to kill any Karimojong who engages in cattle rustling is the “only choice left to get rid of the few Karimojong” who continue to raid the neighboring districts despite several warnings given by government.

He made the remarks on Friday at the peace meeting between the Turkana of Kenya and the Karimojong held in Moroto District.

“Don’t waste time to arrest any Karimojong rustler who has come to raid your animals, just shoot to kill whatever number they are. This would be the lesson for them to stop crossing to raid animals in Kenya,” Brig Lakara said.

“If you had finished that entire 190 group that had crossed to raid animals in Turkana last month, by now we would not be having another group of rustlers,” he said.

Need to maintain peace
Brig Lakara told the meeting attended by deputy governor of Turkana county Mr Peter Ekai that the semblance of peace experienced in the region following a near successful disarmament should be maintained and hence the call for the shoot to kill method.

The deputy governor of Turkana county, Mr Peter Ekai, applauded Uganda for its effort in the disarmament exercise, which he said, has resulted into peace and opened development among the two neighbouring countries.

He said the success of disarmament exercise by Uganda government has created a room to Kenya government which is now in preparations to establish its migration office along the border of Moroto.