Bamba leaders accused of bias

Thursday December 31 2015


BUNDIBUGYO. Leaders of some clans from the Bwamba cultural institution in Bundibugyo District have warned of political tension after some officials decided to campaign for Independent candidates.
In a December 12 petition to the prime minister of the institution, Mr Wilson Mubulya, the clan leaders accused the deputy prime minister, Mr Tomas Kamuhanda, and Mzee Fulgesio Bamwitirebye of fanning political divisions.

“Mzee Bamwitirebye and the Rev Kamuhanda are going around telling the subjects to vote for independent candidates who failed in the NRM primary elections and not the party flag bearers, which might weaken the NRM in Bundibugyo. It is under President Museveni that our cultural institution was granted and recognised”, the petition reads in part.
It said Mr Bamwitirebye held a meeting at Bugombwa village near Bundibugyo Town early December and warned that unless Jolly Tibemanya is re-elected to the LC5 seat and Harriet Ntabazi returned to Parliament, there would be trouble for those who don’t support the chiefdom.

Mr Tibemanya is the incumbent Bundibugyo District chairperson, while Ntabazi is the incumbent Woman MP for Bundibugyo District, but both failed in the NRM primaries. The two were defeated by Ronald Mutegeki and Josephine Bonabana Babungi respectively. Tibemanya and Ntabazi are now contesting as independents.
When contacted, the Rwenzori sub-region Police spokesperson, Mr Bakari Mugah, said he was aware of the situation but that he did not have the document from the concerned clan leaders. “But cultural institutions don’t have the mandate to interfere in political matters,” Mr Bakari said.