Bank clients arrested for ‘disturbing’ Teso minister

Tuesday January 15 2019
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A Youtube video grab of State Minister for Teso Affairs, Ms Agnes Jaff Akiror. Two customers of dfcu Bank in Soroti District have been in police detention for five days after being arrested for denying her quick access to the counter. COURTESY PHOTO

Two customers of dfcu Bank in Soroti District have been in police detention for five days after being arrested for denying the State Minister for Teso Affairs quick access to the counter.

Mr Mohamed Sebuya, 35, and Mr James Davis Bamwidhi, 30, both money lenders attached to Munarura Associates were arrested on Friday at the bank’s Soroti branch after the minister, Ms Agnes Jaff Akiror, called the East Kyoga Regional Police Commander, Mr Maxwell Ogwal, that she had been attacked at the bank.
A bank teller, who spoke to Daily Monitor on condition of anonymity, said Ms Akiror entered the bank and wanted to go past other clients straight to the teller.

When the queueing clients complained, she got angry and called Mr Ogwal.
Mr Ogwal told Daily Monitor that he was contacted by the minister for help on allegations that she had been attacked at the branch by two men as she made her transactions.
“She called me like any other person for help. It is the reason I ordered the district police commander to rush to the bank where the arrests were made,” he said.

Police response
Asked why the suspects had been detained beyond the constitutionally stipulated 48 hours without being taken to court, Mr Ogwal said the regional police spokesperson, Mr Michael Odongo was the right person to explain.
However, Mr Odongo said police were stuck with the suspects and the investigations because the minister had not showed up to make a statement.

“We called her on Saturday, she said she was busy in Katakwi organising for the visit of the President,” he said yesterday.
Minister Akiror said: “I am in Kampala and I am also waiting for the police feedback on how far they have gone with the case.”
Ms Rose Sebuya, Mr Sebuya’s relative, said he has a sick relative he had been taking care.
“He has been the breadwinner for our sick relative, and she is meant to have reported for review in Mulago yesterday. But the breadwinner is detained,” she said.
Bank reaction
When contacted yesterday, the dfcu Soroti branch manager declined to comment on the matter, saying he needed authorisation from his bosses. “I do not talk to the media. If you are interested in this, formalise and we have it [explanation] sent to Kampala,” the manager said.

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