Bees kill one, injure two at funeral rite

Sunday January 13 2019



A swarm of bees has stung an 80-year-old mourner to death during a family prayer service in Kirangira Village, Nkondo Sub-county in Buyende District.
Zadoki Mulamba, a clan elder, was on Thursday attacked by the bees that are said to have sprung from the grave of his granddaughter, Kirabo Taligoola, who died in an accident last year.

Three others, including Thomas Taligoola, the deceased’s father, Mary Kasuubo, the area councillor and an unidentified child were seriously injured and rushed to Nkondo Health Centre.
“We were having prayers with Fr Jude Taddeo Misango when bees swarmed out of the graveside and attacked us. We fled for safety only to return and find that the clan elder had been killed by the bees,” the father of the deceased said.

Mr Eddie Munene, the bishop of the Born Again Churches in Busoga, said this bizarre incident was ‘twofold’ because the people believed in the spirits of the deceased and had no spiritual powers to cast them out.
“The devil works in many ways and casting them out needs anointment as in Acts 19:13 where the devil turned against those casting them out because they were not anointed to do so. But I believe the bees could have been having a hive in the bushy graveyard and were ‘disturbed’, leaving the old man with no escape route to safety,” he said.