Belgium pledges more financial support to Uganda

Wednesday November 21 2018

Belgium pledges more financial support Uganda

The Belgian Ambassador to Uganda and South Sudan, Mr Hugo Verbist. 


Kampala. The Belgian government has renewed its commitment to the development of human capital in Uganda through funding the education sector.

The Belgian Ambassador to Uganda and South Sudan, Mr Hugo Verbist, while delivering in his speech during the King’s Day in Kampala last week, said with the little funding they are able to offer, the country remains committed to offer its expertise in the education sector to spur development in the country.
“Belgium might not be the biggest actor in Uganda in terms of sheer volume and financing, but our strength is our expertise. This is why other countries or partners are working closely together with ENABEL to implement their skill development programmes,” he said.

ENABEL is a Belgian development agency that deals in skills development.

Ambassador Verbist, quoting South African ex-president Nelson Mandela, said education is the great engine of personal development, “that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, the son of a mine worker can become the head of the mine, a child of farm workers can become the president of a great nation,” he said.

“I can only agree. Education, including vocational education, empowers people. It helps young people to find their place in society to provide an income for themselves. It gives them the opportunity to give their children a better future, with more opportunities than they had themselves...” Mr Verbist added.

According to the ambassador, with the high rate of population explosion in the country, human capital is indeed the most valuable capital that a country can have.

Statistical estimates indicate that by 2040, the population of Uganda will have doubled to more than 80 million people.
“Any progress made economically or in service delivery risks to be undone with such a fast-paced growth...” he said.