Body of Ugandan mathematician who died in South Africa to be repatriated

Wednesday January 2 2019

Deceased: Stephen Twinoburyo. COURTESY PHOTO

Deceased: Stephen Twinoburyo. COURTESY PHOTO  


MBARARA. The family of Mr Twinoburyo Omwanawomuntu in Kyapotani Cell, Kakoba Division Mbarara Municipality have been left in grief following the death of their son Stephen Twinoburyo.
He died from Pretoria South African where he has lived since 1997 as a student, and lecturer of mathematics. His young brother Mr Enock Nyorekwa Twinoburyo said the family received news of his death on January 2, at about 3 am.

Stephen is said to have developed heart pain on January 1 and died moments after being rushed to hospital.
“He developed a serious heart and chest pain. Tina (his 19-year-old daughter who he was living with) called an ambulance but the ambulance team delayed. The daughter called Cecil, a friend he spent the first day of the New Year with. Cecil drove him to hospital,” Mr Nyorekwa told Daily Monitor on Tuesday.
He added, “On the way to the hospital, almost there, he started having difficulty in breathing. He went quiet yet he had been talking earlier. They got into the hospital and asked for immediate attention. In less than five minutes he was gone.”

On November 5, 2018, Twinoburyo published his success story in the Daily Monitor: My story: The transformation from 14% in mathematics to top of class.

Born on January 1970, Stephen went to Ntare School for O and A level.
He enrolled for Electrical Engineering degree at Makerere University but did not complete the course before he left for South Africa in 1997. He studied financial engineering and mathematics at University of South Africa.
Stephen taught at University of Pretoria. He later established a mathematics school called Scimatics Solutions.
“He intended to open another school in Uganda and return and live here,” Mr Nyorekwa said.
Stephen had three children. He was the second born of the seven children of Omwanawomuntu, who served as Town Clerk in Mbarara, Kabale and Fortportal.

“We had David’s (his brother) wedding over the weekend and he was supposed to attend and also make arrangements for returning but later he communicated that he was unable to make it,” Mr Nyorekwa said.
He added that Stephen was open minded and followed national politics.
His body will be repatriated into the country this week and church service held in Kampala. He will be laid to rest in Mbarara.