Born-again Christians beaten over false prophecy

Thursday January 19 2017


Budaka. Angry residents of Katira Sub-county in Budaka District turned chaotic and beat up born again Christians who allegedly made false predictions announcing the return of a prophet.

During a three-day crusade organised by the born-again Christians at Katira Church of Uganda, the head of the fellowship, Mr Stephen Agolo, prophesied the triumphant arrival of a prophet he said would miraculously make appearances amid them on Sunday at exactly 3.00am.

His foretelling, however, attracted hundreds of people from the neigbouring villages and sub-counties who gathered to witness the historical miracle.

Anxious believers are said to have endured the coldness in anticipation of the return of the said prophet in vain. By this time, the born- again believers were singing songs of praise and calling onto Jesus to make the miracle happen.
On realising that they had been hoodwinked, the mammoth gathering turned rowdy and some people started pelting stones at the believers that destroyed windows and doors as well as the roof.

Others beat up the organisers severely in revenge as they accused them of wasting their precious time.
“Having assured the congregation that the prophet is inside the church, locals eventually stormed the church, only to find two people who had taken refuge there. They were dragged out and beaten as well,” narrated Mr Balamu Mabale, Secretary for the Development Committee.

Some of the chief organisers of the crusade, who were severely beaten by the angry residents, were identified as Kamwada Mwerere, the parish priest of Naboa and the head Christians of Katira Church of Uganda, Mr George Kanapu. However, believers are now demanding that the parish priest of Katira Church of Uganda, Mr Dauson Mbulamaye, be transferred to another duty station for allegedly entertaining what they called “stupid and unfound miracles”.


The Bukedi region police spokesperson, Mr Sowali Kamulya, confirmed the development, saying that police have embarked investigations following reports of people who were severely beaten over what they called false prophesies.
“This was quite an unfortunate and regrettable incident that the crusade turned chaotic but the organisers have to take the blame for making false allegations and yet they had assured the people about the coming back of a prophet at the indicated time. This was quite unbelievable” Mr Kamulya said.

He added: “A case has been registered at Kerekerene Police Post. When we were alerted, we swung into action. We mounted a search inside the church and recovered 7 bed sheets, 3 traditional attires (Gomesi), 18 blouses and shirts, among others.”

Christians have demanded that the organisers of the crusade take full responsibility for the destroyed church properties.
Also, a delegation of Christians is scheduled to meet with the parish reverend Moses Mukenye to forge way forward.