Bunyoro demands return of property

Tuesday December 24 2013

Rev Jackson Nsamba Kasozi, the prime

Rev Jackson Nsamba Kasozi, the prime minister of Bunyoro Kingdom. Photo by Francis Mugerwa 

By Francis Mugerwa

Hoima- Bunyoro Kingdom has asked the central government to return all its assets next year.

While delivering his Christmas message to the subjects last week, the prime minister of Bunyoro, the Rev Jackson Nsamba Kasozi, said the kingdom and the government have been negotiating over the return of the assets.

The government took the property when cultural institutions were abolished during the Obote I regime in 1967.

“The kingdom hopes that in the new year the government will fully return our assets,” Rev Kasozi told a news conference on Thursday.

“The kingdom has submitted its demands to the Attorney General. We are not quiet. We expect the government to expedite the return of the kingdom’s assets,” he added.

Some of the property include royal sites, forests, hills, former kingdom sub-county and county headquarters.


The premier said the government had expressed willingness to return the assets, adding that next year, the kingdom would ensure they are secured and registered.

“The kingdom will register all people living on its land. People should not misunderstand the registration to mean that we intend to evict them. We shall give them opportunity to get leases on the land,” Rev Kasozi said.

He also said the kingdom would continue to demand oil royalties and primary consideration in business and other social-economic benefits of the oil and gas industry since the region was already being impacted.

“Many people are coming to Bunyoro in anticipation that they will get employment in the oil industry...I urge the kingdom subjects to co-exist with new comers,” Rev Kasozi said.