Bwanika to use prophesy to govern

Mr Abed Bwanika

Luuka- Presidential aspirant Abed Bwanika has urged Ugandans to use the power of the ballot to wipe out homosexuality in the country.

The pastor at Christian Witness Church in Kampala also unveiled what he called the Salvation Pastoral Army of Christians and born-agains and under “Coalition Redeem Uganda” that would redeem the country and rebuild it following the prophetic will.

Addressing rallies in Luuka, Namwendwa and Bulopa villages on his second leg in Busoga sub-region yesterday, Mr Bwanika said Uganda is now a target for homosexuals.

“Homosexuals are bankrolling these elections as a base to spread their devilish vices and Uganda should resist this so as not to be another Sodom and Gommorah facing destruction and wrath of God and Pastor Abed Bwanika is here to lead the crusade,” he said.

Dr Bwanika claimed under the prophetic call, Mr Museveni who had very few people, was called to lead the revolutionary war and pacify the country and that his period has expired and that the country now needs to be led by the man of God.

The People’s Development Party president promised to improve the health sector and to save taxpayers’ money to build modern hospitals in each district to eradicate maternal and child deaths. He also promised a better marketing strategy for agriculture.

Step against gays
President Museveni assented to the Anti-homosexuality law in February last year drawing, criticism from the international community, including US president, Barrack Obama who called the law a step backward for all Ugandans. Court later annulled it on condition that it was passed without quorum.


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