CID boss held over releasing suspects

Thursday December 13 2018

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima. File photo

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima. File photo 

By Joseph Kato

Kampala. The Old Kampala criminal investigations chief has been apprehended on accusations of releasing suspects held over aggravated robbery.
The Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Abdu Nasser Mulimira, was apprehended on Saturday on orders of an assistant commissioner of police on allegation that he had violated a directive by President Museveni banning issuing of bonds to suspects in aggravated robberies and murder.
Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima confirmed that ASP Mulimira was arrested with two others but said he was yet to get a full briefing from his supervisors on particulars of offences.
“It is true he was arrested and I am aware of his arrest. I cannot tell you the particulars of crimes he allegedly committed because I have not got a briefing from his supervision. Investigations are still ongoing,” Mr Kayima said.
The President, during the wake of numerous aggravated robberies and murders early this year, ordered police and courts to stop giving bonds and bail to suspects in such cases.
Speaking during the reading of the national Budget in June, Mr Museveni said: “I am happy that the Chief Justice and the Deputy Chief Justice are here. Bail for killers is not acceptable.”
Sources said ASP Mulimira, currently detained at Railway Police Station, committed the offences in October.
Sources said on October 19, a woman operating a bar was attacked by thugs and took her TV and some money.
She reported the case at Lungujja Police Station. During day time, as residents were sympathising with the victim, they noticed some strangers in the village.
Residents made an alarm, forcing the men to flee in a vehicle. Boda boda riders chased after them and they handed themselves to Musajja Alumbwa Police Post before they were transferred to Old Kampala.
“One suspect had previously been arrested in a robbery. The second one had severe head injuries. He claimed he got the injuries the previous day from a bar and that his friends were taking him for treatment,” a senior police source said.
Sources added that his arrest was spearheaded by a State House official who is a relative to some of the people victimised by the suspect.