Casio computers to set up manufacturing plant in Uganda

Tuesday July 16 2019

Mr Patrick Salhab Assistant Sales Manager-

Mr Patrick Salhab Assistant Sales Manager- Africa Timepiece Division and Mr. Ramji Swaminarayan Managing Director of Shreeji Stationers during the signing of partnership with CASIO Middle East on June 12, 2019. PHOTO BY RACHEL MABALA  


Following the appointment of Shreeji Stationers as the official distributors of its calculators in the country and some part of the EAC region, Casio Computers, a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and commercial electronics manufacturing company, plans to establish a plant in East Africa with Uganda being on top of its list.

Speaking during the announcement of Shreeji Stationers as the official distributors of Casio calculators in Uganda, the assistant sales manager in charge of Africa, Mr Patrick Salhab, said eventually there will be a manufacturing plant in this part of the world that will manufacture tailor made products, including in local languages for the mass EAC market and beyond.

“As we announce our collaboration with Shreeji Stationers as well as looking to expand across the region, in the long run we will eventually have a manufacturing plant in Africa and Uganda seems a suitable location to have such huge investment,” Mr Salhab said.
It also emerged last Friday that part of the reason for the collaboration between Casio and Shreeji Stationers is to minimize if not eliminate counterfeit calculators that have flooded the market. Part of the deal according to the managing director of Shreeji Stationers, Mr Ramji Swaminarayan, is to ensure that all schools in the country have access to genuine calculators and computers.

But before that he did he interested Casio into setting up a manufacturing plant here, saying it makes business and investment sense given that the country is a land linked to the EAC population comprising of more than 150million people.
If established, the manufacturing plant will produce calculators, mobile phones, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, and analogue and digital watches.