Charles Muhangi has been going through a tough spell - Business associates

Friday December 7 2018

The late Charles Muhangi. PHOTO BY ABUBAKER

The late Charles Muhangi. PHOTO BY ABUBAKER LUBOWA 

By Monitor Reporter

Business associates to the deceased Horizon Bus owner and former Rally driver - Charles Muhangi, say he has been going through a tough spell in recent days.

According to police and family members, the 65-year-old property mogul was found dead in his bed by his son Thursday morning.

According to the spokesperson of Kampala City Traders Association, Issa Sekitto, the bus owner had been struggling to repossess his Qualicel bus terminal from another property magnate Drake Lubega.
The two had been in court over the Nakivubo property for years, until Supreme Court ruled in Muhangi’s favour early this year.
In recent days, workers started levelling the ground to prepare it to host his bus company there, starting in January.
The dispute over ownership of the Qualicel bus park stems from a July 20, 2011 letter in which President Museveni directed the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development to take steps to rectify the anomaly that had given rise to the dispute.
The President also advised the cancellation of certificates of title found to have been acquired fraudulently. Mr Museveni’s directive followed a protracted legal battle between Mr Lubega and Mr Muhangi, the proprietor of Horizon Coaches.