Child sacrifice on the rise -report

Friday January 25 2013

By Agatha Ayebazibwe

A new report released yesterday indicates that cases of child sacrifice are on the increase, with at least one child killed every week for ritual purposes. The report: “child sacrifice and the mutilation of children in Uganda”, was compiled by Humane Africa, an international research organisation.

It documented 35 cases of child mutilation between June and September 2012, a number researchers said is alarming. According to the Humane Africa director, Mr Simon Fellows, there is need for both government and civil society to acknowledge the problem and draft a plan to address it.

“The weekly mutilations confirmed with witness accounts, make it possible to establish a baseline for incidents relating to child mutilation and sacrifice in Uganda,” the report reads in part.

The report highlights cases of mothers who have been attacked and their foetus removed and mutilated. Researchers documented first-hand accounts of 140 witness across the country, 77 of the incidents where body parts, blood, or tissue were removed for tharmful practices.

Interviewees said the most sought after body parts were the tongue, male and female genitalia, blood, head, hair, heart, fingers, and hands among others.

The practice, according to the report has been attributed to high demand from communities where people have a strong belief that when traditional medicine contains body parts, it becomes stronger.