Church ready to split from England on homosexuals

Monday March 3 2014

By Stephen Otage

The Archbishop of Church of Uganda (CoU) has responded to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, saying Uganda is ready to break away from the Church of England if its views on homosexuality are not respected.
Addressing Christians at St Andrews Church, Bukoto yesterday, Archbishop Stanley Ntangali said the Ugandan-born Archbishop of York John Sentamu recently wrote to him, saying the Church of England was concerned about the CoU’s anti-homosexuality stand.

“I have written back to Archbishop Sentamu. I told him it does not matter even if we do not work with them because the Church of England is a product of repentance and USA is founded on Christian values but they seem to have become spiritually blind,” Bishop Ntangali said.

He accused Americans and the British of trying to play double standards by preaching homosexuality yet they sent Church missionaries to spread the gospel of Christ.

“Many people have spiritual blindness but let us not mix issues. One hundred and thirty six years ago, the Church of England sent graduates from Oxford University to Africa to evangelise. America is a super power built on Christian principles... but in all this money is involved,” he said.

During the service, a 32-year-old man, Mr George Oundo, testified of how ex-communicated bishop reportedly sodomised him for 17 years.
When the press approached for a comment, the accused waved journalists away.
Bishop Ntangali urged the police to avoid bribes to curb the vice.