Civilian murders cowardly acts - Muntu

Sunday April 5 2015

By Stephen Kafeero


The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president, Rtd Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, has appealed to Ugandans to use the Easter holiday to reflect on the increasing lawlessness in the country.

“As we celebrate this Easter holiday, let’s use this as an opportunity to reflect on the apparently increasing lawlessness. In a lawless society, each one of us is a potential victim,” said the retired army commander in his Easter message to the country.

“It is, therefore, important to recommit ourselves to fully resource our law enforcement agencies and for us as political leaders to confront the issue of safety on the streets of our capital, urban centres and all rural areas across the country with the highest level of bipartisanship should the current regime have the sense and the care for the population to lead in doing that.”

The former army commander also spoke about the just-concluded elections in Nigeria where an opposition candidate won, describing the process as a triumph of democracy.

“Further away in Nigeria, we witnessed yet again that triumph of democracy as Nigerians voted to elect a new government. We applaud outgoing president Goodluck Jonathan and president-elect Muhammadu Buhari for running a peaceful and well-fought campaign and showing leadership in accepting the results of the elections,” Muntu said, adding that the success of elections in Nigeria indicate a triumph against terrorism.


“Terrorism is a tool of cowardly terrorists who use it to instill fear in the population so that we can change our ways of life. Some governments also use terrorism as a justification to legislate against personal liberties and to curtail individual democratic freedoms. The Nigerian electoral results and the leadership of the contenders demonstrate yet again that courage is not just the absence of fear, but triumph over it.”

Mr Muntu like many leaders paid tribute to Joan Kagezi who was murdered last week and the 147 students of Garissa University College who were last week killed by al-Shabaab terrorists.

“Ms Kagezi has served our country with utmost dedication and distinction. Our hearts and minds go to her young children who have been brutally deprived of their most important and valuable asset that a child can have.

Close by in Kenya, we saw yet again the ugly face of terrorism as harmless and unarmed children are murdered in their school campus where they had gone to look for a future that never was,” Muntu said, adding that targeting civilians who are unarmed and defenceless is perhaps the most cowardly act.