Not too late for MPs to redeem themselves says Cleric

Tuesday December 26 2017

President Museveni

President Museveni  

By Felix Ainebyoona, Alfred Tumushabe, Perez Rumanzi & Elly Karenzi

The bishop of Kinkizi diocese Rt. Rev Dan Zoreka has appealed to President to listen to views of the majority Ugandans and not sign the recently passed age limit bill into law.
Bishop Zoreka also said in his Christmas message on Monday that it was not too late for the 317 MPs who voted for the removal of the presidential age limit to rethink and consider the voices of their people.

“I know the bill that was passed is not yet assented to by His Excellence. My appeal to all the legislators: they have already done it but let them listen to all Ugandans and see the wishes of the majority. Sometimes the majority may not be considered but they have a point in this amendment of the constitution,” he said.
According to him, the constitution belongs to all Ugandans and not one party [The ruling NRM].

“So I appeal to these MPs go back and listen to their people who sent them to parliament. It is possible they can reconsider and say your excellence let us put a halt to this, it is not too late. What majority Ugandans want is what should be the ideal if we are to promote peace in this country,’’ Bishop Zoreka said.
He asked President Museveni to as well think about Ugandans who respect and love him as a leader who has steered the country for more than 30 years and not assent to the bill.

“Our head of state is a good person. We want to thank him for good work he has done leading this country. I want to say as a leader of this country, most of us look up to him. Let him also listen to what the people are saying and consider their wishes. I know God is going to use our leaders to make better judgment,’’ he said.
The Christians on Christmas day gifted the bishop with brand new vehicle Toyota Prado for his good work in the diocese.
The Christians were led by former presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi who was represented by Kinkizi West MP James Kaberuka at St. Peters’ Cathedral Nyakatare.

Mr Kaberuka (NRM) who opposed lifting of the presidential age limit said government should not hide behind its numerical strength in parliament to frustrate views of the majority Ugandans.
He added, “This arrogance that we have the numbers will not help. If we have numbers, why do not use them to fight poverty. I am happy that I represented my people because even the bible says that ‘be truthful to have peace’. You (constituents) are the winners.”

Ankole Diocese (Mbarara)
Speaking during Christmas prayers at St James Cathedral in Ruharo Ankole Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr Sheldon Mwesigwa said: “If you don’t agree with what has happened in the county (removal of presidential age limit), it take your grievances to court. We have to pray that court handles the matter fairly. Don’t go to bush, don’t get into riots; don’t disrupt peace in Uganda.”

South Ankole Diocese (Ntungamo)
Speaking to congregation at St. Mathew Cathedral Kyamate on Christmas the Bishop of South Ankole diocese Rt. Rev Nathan Ahimbisibwe preached against fighting among family members. He said fights between husbands and wives, parents and children do not only portray a bad image for the home only but the entire country.