Condom shortage hits Gulu

A man holds a condom after opening it

An acute shortfall of Condoms has hit major free condom distribution points in Gulu Town.

The crisis which started over the Christmas season worsened over the New Year festivities affecting supply to most condom dispensers in public places in and around the town.

The affected distribution points were at Gulu Bus Park Passenger waiting lounge and as well as public toilets, Gulu district Council Hall and major Hotels including Churchill Courts Hotel and Bomah Hotel amongst other public toilets.

At Gulu Bus Park, the condoms which were supplied by the Ministry of Health to be distributed free of charge were out of stock by Christmas.

Balson Onen, the LC1 Chairperson of Bus Park B Sub-Ward in Pece division says that the Condom dispenser which used to be replenished once in two weeks had to be refilled every week to meet its growing demands.

Mr William Onyai, the Gulu District Health Educator says that organizations that include Health Rights North in Acholi and The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) have been helping the district distribute the free Condoms.

Mr Onyai says the shortage worsened after the two organizations closed office for Christmas. He says he expects more supplies to be delivered to the district.

The Ministry of Health is promoting effective Condom use in the fight against HIV alongside other HIV prevention strategies such as abstinence, being faithful to one sexual partner, testing and treating.
The National Medical Store estimates that four million Condoms are used in Uganda every month while annual uptake increased from 87 Million Condoms in 2012 to 240 million in 2015.


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