Contractor stops spraying cargo trucks at border

Thursday June 25 2020

Trucks stuck in traffic at Malaba border on May

Trucks stuck in traffic at Malaba border on May 27, 2020. FILE PHOTO  


Health officials have asked government to renew the contract awarded to Bencity Holdings, a company that has been disinfecting cargo trucks at six border points, to contain the spread of Covid-19.
The border points include Busia, Malaba, Elegu, Mutuka, Lwakhakha and Mirama hills.
The government contracted the firm for two weeks.
Mr Bernard Onen Odoi, the company’s executive director, said they stopped disinfecting the cars last week after expiry of the contract.
Mr Odoi said they have been disinfecting a minimum of about 1,800 cargo trucks and 300 cars from Mombasa on a daily basis.

“We also disinfect the entire custom points, including toilets, restaurants and other places to make sure our people are safe,” he said.
Dr David Okumu, the Tororo District health officer, said disinfection is essential in controlling the virus.
“We are going to ask the Ministry of Health to extend their contract because they have been doing a great job,” he said.
The district recorded 10 coronavirus infections on Tuesday, all from guards at Tororo Cement factory.

“The cases were among the 21 contacts who were all guards sharing the same premises in Agururu Village in Western Division of Tororo Municipality,” Dr Okumu said.
Mr Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the senior Health spokesperson, said the matter was being handled.
“It was discussed in our top management meeting. We want to see how they can continue with the work,” Mr Ainebyoona said.