Covid-19: Museveni extends lockdown period by 21 days

Tuesday April 14 2020

President Museveni has extended the lockdown period for another 21 days. This lockdown period continues from tomorrow April 15, to May 05, 2020.

He made the announcement on Tuesday while addressing the nation on the status of coronavirus pandemic in Uganda.

"The government has decided to keep the stay home decision for another 21 days starting tomorrow April 15 tomorrow to May 05, 2020. This is meant to allow us study the situation longer. All previous measures still stand," Mr Museveni said.

The President noted that although only 54 samples have tested positive out of the total 5,664 samples tested, it is too early to rule that Uganda is not free from the deadly virus.

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"It is safer to go another 21 days than to stop prematurely. If there is anything it will come up during these 21 days. If it does not come up, we will say we tried our best. The 54 found positive might not be the only ones. The way they were found was tedious, so the lockdown extension is justified so we can find more and treat them," he said.


The President revealed that out 5,664 samples tested, 4,015 were returnees from abroad, 1,232 were contacts of these returnees, while 417 were those who felt suspicious that they could be sick.

“We are still following up the 18,000 people that entered the country through the airport between March 7 and March 22.  I would like to appeal to Ugandans to observe the prohibitions already announced, stay at home except for those carrying cargo. Stop going into the trading centres to loiter,” Mr Museveni said.

He also elaborated that food relief is only for the groups of people depending on daily earnings mainly living in urban centres.

“On the issues of food support, it’s mainly for the groups depending on daily earnings. People in salons, bars, night clubs, garages, boda boda riders and people selling non-food items in markets among others. People in the village have been growing their food, coronavirus has not stopped farming,” the President noted.

He commended the medical doctor and health workers for the good job done which saw seven Covid-19 patients discharged after recovering, as 11 others wait to be discharged this week.

“I salute the doctors and health workers for their professionalism. I am told some have not yet got stickers for their vehicles. Gen Katumba will resolve that.”