DP Bloc launches One-to-One campaign model to take on NRM

Tuesday January 22 2019

Mr Mabikke, Mr Mao and Pastor Bwanika

L-R: Mr Mabikke, Mr Mao and Pastor Bwanika while announcing the coalition last week. File photo  


KAMPALA- Leaders of the ‘DP Bloc’, a coalition of three Opposition parties that was formed last week, to take on the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), have launched a strategy dubbed One-to-One model ahead of the 2021 general elections.

The strategy, according to the promoters, will enable them support and campaign for one Opposition candidate against an NRM candidate for numerous electoral positions.

The ‘DP Bloc’ comprises the Democratic Party (DP) Social Democratic Party (SDP) and People’s Development Party (PDP).

 “We have come up with a framework to present one candidate who will be desired by the electorate,” Pastor Abed Bwanika, who joined the bloc under PDP, said during a press conference in Kampala on Tuesday.

Pastor Bwanika said that they are advancing a strategy that would help them to cause the change “being desire by the people of Uganda”.

He said: “Our failure to work together as Opposition has been the reason why President Yoweri Museveni has stayed in power for 33 years. Now that we have decided to work together, the people of Uganda are hopeful that change is coming.”

Mr Mabikke, the leader of SDP said that under the strategy, they have zoned the country to ensure that each Opposition party takes charge of a particular region where they enjoy numerical advantage.

“We have learnt from history that we have failed because we have been dividing our support and confusing people who yearn for change by presenting several opposition who compete against each for a   single electoral position,” Mr Mabikke said.

Last week, Mr Mao, the DP President said that the coalition is a nucleus of a big Opposition parties party bloc and the door is open to other democracy-seeking forces and leaders to join.

 Other Opposition political parties welcomed the idea although some said they were not formally invited.

FDC Deputy Secretary General Harold Kaija said they have to consult working committees of the party and National Executive committee before coming up with a decision on how to work with the Opposition bloc.

UPC Spokesperson, Mr Micheal Osinde said they have not been consulted.

“We are still waiting for them [DP Bloc] to address us as Opposition. Otherwise, they are just internally organising themselves and if it’s general matter, we have consult our part structures,” he said.