Death toll in Kasese, Bundibugyo attacks rises to 90

Monday July 7 2014




The death toll in the on going tribal clashes has now hit 90, with the number expected to rise after fresh attacks in Katumba, a trading centre in Bundibugyo a few minutes ago.

The 90 people include security officers have been confirmed dead and 80 have been arrested in what security agencies have referred to as a tribal clash in three districts in Western Uganda.

Deputy police spokesperson, Ms Polly Namaye, says 75 deaths are of suspected attackers, 11 are civilians, five police officers and one soldier.

However, there are claims that more than five army officers died when the group attacked the military facility.

At least 22 rifles are missing from police and private security facilities in districts of Kasese and Bundibugyo.
Ms Namaye says the attackers were coordinated by local leader and politicians, who are yet to be interrogated.


“Investigations are pointing to area politicians and a witch doctor who hails from Democratic Republic of Congo who helped them attack out stations,” Ms Namaye said.