Doctor accused of assaulting pregnant midwife on duty

Monday July 23 2018

Doctor accused assaulting pregnant midwife duty

Sarah Nangobi says she was by her boss while on duty. PHOTO BY SAM OPIO CALEB 


The Kamuli Hospital medical superintendent has been dragged to police over assaulting a midwife on duty.

Sarah Nangobi, 28, alleges that her boss assaulted her on July 2 while she attended to expectant mothers in one of the hospital wards. She consequently opened up a case of assault against him at Kamuli Police Station on file 82/13/07/2018 last week.

Ms Nangobi says that she went to the hospital to seek maternity leave - as she is pregnant and left with less than a month to deliver - but found a staff gap, forcing her to defer her leave and attend to expectant mothers.

While attending to two expectant mothers from Buyende District, she was told that the doctor wanted her to go and pick a patient he had just operated on.

She reportedly asked the doctor’s emissary to tell him that she was attending to mothers heading into labour, suggesting that he finds another person or waits for her to finish.

However, hardly five minutes later, she says she felt a slap on her back followed by shouts from the doctor.


Asked why it has taken her over a month to report to Police, she said she was scared of losing her job, hoping the incident would be handled administratively.
But she now fears there is a conspiracy to deny her justice, leaving her to endure trauma and psychological torture.
“We are in 'double danger' and scared the trauma caused to my wife may affect the foetus and lead to a miscarriage,” the husband, Richard Mikenga fears.

Medical staff and health workers, speaking on condition of anonymity, claim that the doctor has threatened whoever promises to testify against him, triggering fear among them - given his military background.
“This man acts with male chauvinism, is rough and arrogant especially when handling private patients,” one said.

Doctor speaks out
However, the doctor blamed 'detractors' for pulling him down, vowing: “I am ready for a hearing in any neutral ground which is Court but won’t abandon the call of duty.”

"Health workers are stubborn, dodge duty and want to be begged to serve yet I am responsible for the death of any patient due to health workers' negligence. The only way they seem to understand is through 'hard stance',” he said.

He explained that he had just operated on Christine Kiyayi, 24, from Kiwamba Nkondo in Buyende district who had been referred to him with an ectopic pregnancy and waited for the maternity staff to come and collect her to no avail, forcing him to storm the maternity ward.

"This is negligence of duty and it is their habit. They don’t want to work. Professionally, I can’t trust a patient operated in the theater with an attendant who is equally panicking. Supposing the attendant drops the operated patient down? So, I can’t sit as my staffs play with life,” he said, adding that it is normal for a midwife to collect patients from the theater.

On his alleged military background, the doctor says it 'helps in service delivery' as it calls for order, immediate action, response and a routine of taking in orders and complaining later.
“These people are lazy and take things sluggishly but we, with a military background, swiftly respond to orders. So those who don’t want to work should resign!” he maintains.

Medical body condemns act
Health workers under their umbrella body, Nurses and Midwifes Workers Union, have voiced their condemnation of Dr Daaki's act, calling it 'unethical and an abuse of the office of the medical Superintendent'.

“We protest the unprofessional, unethical and high-handed manner in which the medical Superintendent acted when he assaulted a fellow officer on duty, leaving her demoralized, demotivated and lowered and pray justice prevails,” part of their petition reads in part.

Busoga North Police spokesperson, Michael Kasadha, admitted a case file for investigation was opened and statements are being recorded in order to bring the errant officer to book, dispelling fear that the suspect might get away with the crime.“We have this year recorded 247 assault cases, 30 domestic and gender-based violence cases and this is one of such cases,” he said.