Doctor defends Mubiru on sodomy

Thursday July 2 2015


KAMPALA- A doctor yesterday told court that he examined former Sports Club Villa manager Christopher Mubiru and found that he had no signs of a person who has ever engaged in sodomy acts.

Dr Francis Kajumba, 32, of Life Medical and Diagnosis Centre in Ntinda, a city suburb, was testifying as a defence witness in the trial in which Mubiru is answering charges of sodomising male and female youths.

“On April 30, 2015, I got a call from Mr Mubiru’s representative, who instructed me to carry out a medical examination on the accused person. The request for the check-up was specific, I had to find out if he had ever used his [genitals] to forcefully commit sodomy acts and to conduct an HIV/Aids test on him,” Dr Kajumba said.

Dr Kajumba explained that: “The lining of Mubiru’s genital was intact. I have ever examined some two victims of sodomy, so I have some experience in such cases. There was no darkening or change on foreskin, his anus had a normal tone so it would withhold stool and his HIV/Aids status was also negative,” the doctor said.

The defence

Earlier, Mr Mubiru in his defence testimony told court that he first had an encounter with his alleged victims in court.


He further told court that his accusers just wanted to tarnish his name and the video that was presented before court was doctored “I have never, at any one time in my life, committed sodomy acts,” he said, adding that he takes the assortment of drugs (pain killers), that were found at his house to relieve him of the pain he gets after engaging in sports.
He said the dermatological creams found in his house help to refresh his dry skin.