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Doctors mourn slain colleague

Tuesday April 23 2019

The requiem mass for former IHK doctor,

The requiem mass for former IHK doctor, Catherine Agaba, who was murdered and the body dumped in a septic tank, going on at Our Lady of Africa Church Mbuya. Photo by Stephen Otage 


Doctors under their umbrella organisation, the Uganda Medical Association (UMA), are mourning the death of their colleague, Dr Catherine Agaba. Dr Agaba was killed on April 12 by a watchman who was guarding her home in Muyenga, a Kampala suburb.

The watchman according to police, confessed to have killed Dr Agaba, saying she was threating his job by reporting him to the boss.

“It is with great sorrow that we learned about the gruesome murder of our very own rising star Dr Cathy Agaba. We, doctors of Uganda, mourn with the family. We understand that Dr Agaba was the family vanguard, morning star and darling of her Father "Mzee Agaba". We pray the Lord gives you strength to overcome this trying moment,” a condolence message signed by the association chairman, Dr Ekwaro Obuku, reads in part.

Dr Obuku during the requiem mass at Our Lady of Africa Church Mbuya, said Dr Agaba was a young, brilliant, hard working woman full of life and with a promising future. He said Dr Agaba represented the youth who are the majority and hoping for a safe and prosperous Uganda that works for every citizen, but was unfortunate to be killed by a fellow youth for trivial reasons.

“Dr Agaba's killing depicts the vulnerability of our Ugandan women and girl child today. Recently, over 23 women were killed serially in Metropolitan Kampala, whose cases are yet to be resolved. Our treasurer UMA Busoga Branch was gunned down at his home months ago, the criminals are yet to face Justice,” he said.

He said police should do more to prevent such occurrences instead of only being swift in arresting suspects.

“While we commend strongly the Uganda Police Force for taking quick action to bring Dr Agaba's murderer to book; we implore the Police leadership to invest more in prevention and fighting crime rather than tear-gas and similar items that do not necessarily benefit the common Ugandan citizen,” he said.

“We request the Police to immediately release our members and fellow Doctors (including Dr Mohammed Hassan Mohammed, Dr Agabas boyfriend), following due processes like Police Bond now that the suspect has been identified, detained and awaits Justice,” he added.