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All doctors and interns must return to work now, orders minister Aceng

Thursday November 9 2017

Health minister Jane Aceng. FILE PHOTO

Health minister Jane Aceng. FILE PHOTO 


KAMPALA. Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng says Uganda Medical Association (UMA) that organised the strike is not a registered union to lobby for labour rights.

She orders all doctors and intern doctors to resume work at once; directs UMA officials to stop interfering with Association members willing to work; promised protection for doctors who get back to work; and, says intern doctors who fail to comply will have their internships terminated and have to reapply.

Health workers who were misled but realise their mistake and resume work will not be subjected to disciplinary procedure, she says.
In An 8-point terse statement read at a press conference on Thursday night at Health ministry headquarters in Kampala, Dr Aceng says the doctors never gave formal 90-day notice and followed no public service procedure in declaring industrial action.

She says grievances about salary and working condition by public officials must have been channelled through the Public Service Negotiation and Consultation Council. This, she says, is the guidance by the Solicitor General, the technical arm of the Attorney General, the government chief legal advisor.

Dr Aceng tells the ongoing press conference that they, however, appreciate the doctors’ concerns as “genuine”.
She says the Office of the President directs all Resident District Commissioners (RDCs), who represent the President in districts, to monitor compliance of doctors with the new directive.